A couple of years back, I decided to buy a pair of running shoes and to run. I grew up in Innsbruck, a small town in the Austrian alps, a place where it is difficult to find a couple of miles of a flat circuit – either it is going up or down but rarely flat. Running was not the most popular sport in Innsbruck (and probably still isn’t) – hiking, mountain biking or skiing are the local favourites, but I decided to run. I travelled a lot at the time and I needed a sport which could travel with me – Have you ever tried to bring along your bicycle to a business trip?

Whatever your motivation is to start running, you took a great decision. You may find it challenging to take your first concrete step. Which shoes should I buy, how long should I run in the beginning, alone or with friends, what are realistic goals are all questions we will address. And if you have a concrete question – contact us, we will be happy to help you in one of our next posts.

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